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CFH COVID-19 INFOS (19.04.2021)

Familiar Setup
The “new” indoor setup – starting April 19th – will look familiar to those who have been around last year. We will provide 10 individual and fully equipped training zones for each class + 2 OpenGym zones. We will keep the gate open as often as possible during and between classes to improve the airflow.

Very Important
Everyone will need to wear a mask anytime indoors (also during training). Exception: If the class has only 5 or less participants, training without mask is possible. There needs to be an empty training zone between each athlete. OpenGym is possible without mask, because the weightlifting platforms offer more than 5x5m space. OpenGym in the afternoon is also possible without a mask, if there is an empty training zone between each athlete. For the safety of our community, don`t workout if you feel sick! Please, stay at home if you have symptoms!

New & Familiar Rules
It won‘t be possible to come earlier and stay longer. Due to the safety measures, we need to keep contact as short as possible. If you want to socialize, you need to do it outside.

Disinfect Hands on your Way In & Out
Once you step into the Box, disinfect your hands. The same on your way out.

Changing Rooms & Showers
We highly recommend to come dressed already, bring clean shoes and only use showers if there‘s no other option. Mask is mandatory when entering and leaving the changing rooms.

No Whiteboard Gathering
Once you arrive at the Box, you will move straight to your personal Training zone. You are free to pick your zone, but depending on the WOD, your Coach might determine your spot. Each zone has a sheet attached with Warm-Up + WOD + scaling options on it. That‘s your own little Whiteboard.

Review the WOD in Advance
Please, look up the WOD before entering the Box. Less questions leave more time for training. If you have pain or other limitations, let our Coaches know at the beginning of the class.

via Phone
Sign-In before classes and type-in Scores & Weights after classes won‘t be possible at our Wodify terminal. Please, use our App on your Phone for Sign-In before you enter the Box.

Personal Belongings
Bags and personal belongings need to be placed within your personal training-zone.

Bring a Towel
We highly recommend bringing a towel to minimize sweat on the floor and to wipe sweat of your face, instead of touching face with your fingers.

Class Size & Spacing
Each athlete will find his/her individual training-zone around 25 m2 of space. Including Rower, Barbell, Plyo-Box, Pull-Up options and Squat-Rack. Every class (HIT & CrossFit) will be 45min + 15min to clean up and disinfect equipment before the next class starts.

1.5m Safety Distance
The King of Rules. Try to avoid closer distance than 1.5m to every Athlete or Coach. You might have to pause during a WOD and move your equipment in order to ensure the 1.5m distance to the Athlete next to you.

When there are no classes, we provide the same 10 individual training-zones + two of the Weightlifting platforms. During class times, the same 2 platforms left & right including Squat-Racks are available for OpenGym. The middle one will be closed. Spots will include 15min to disinfect equipment.

Exit through the Big Gate
Please, leave through the big gate and avoid contact to people arriving for the next class. Don`t forget to disinfect your hands on the way out.

Thank you for your support, your attitude and your patience over the last months! We are really looking forward seeing all of you back indoors. Starting Monday, we will offer 12 more classes throughout each week. Watch out for different start times and the return of the Early Birds every Tuesday & Thursday at 6.30 am!

Your *HAPPY* Team CFH

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